Here's how it works

Fight the feelings of stress found in almost every office with our bespoke yoga classes.

The ancient exercise is proven to help participants de-stress and find calm and clarity, making it a perfect workplace wellness solution.

Our classes are completely customisable. From two people to 20, complete beginners or advanced yogis and even super-early start times (hello, 6:30am!), we've got the needs of you and your team covered.

Why It Works

  • Reduced back pain

    Sitting slumped at a desk causes back pain; yoga helps fight this.

  • Lower burnout rates

    Counter growing worker stress levels with calming yoga classes.

  • Keeps it calm

    Yoga helps lower cortisol production - the hormone that causes stress.

  • Less absenteeism

    Healthier bodies and minds mean less time out of the office.


We know budget is important so we tailor each package for every client to make sure the programme is not only an effective wellbeing solution or successful event but an affordable one too.

Get in touch now for a bespoke quote for your team.