Workplace wellness with Urban - ordinary, outbid.

When it comes to wellness at work, eBay has always been ahead of the game. They’ve been empowering staff with free chair massages and exercise classes for almost a decade, but in February 2018, it was time to shake things up. With Urban’s help, they’ve rebooted engagement to its highest ever level and instilled variety and excitement, all while reducing overall costs and admin. Here’s how.

Delivering wellness, at scale.

eBay’s UK office comprises three subsidiaries and a staff of almost 650. As the place where the world goes to shop, sell, and give, it’s a lively and diverse workforce where individuality is embraced.

With a spectrum of ages, work habits and cultures to cater to, the challenge for eBay’s Facilities team was to deliver an all-encompassing wellness programme that had something for everyone.

A tailored solution.

Like eBay, Urban puts people at the centre of its proprietary digital technologies. People like Amanda, the account manager who helped tailor a bespoke wellness programme to meet eBay’s specific objectives. Urban’s personal approach was a huge selling point for the Facilities team – with Amanda’s help, they could experiment with a variety of services to find a good fit.

Chair massage proved to be a perennial favourite; salsa and boxfit classes an unexpected hit; and pilates and yoga a productivity-boosting win-win. eBay now offers a mix of those services weekly, plus ad-hoc workshops in nutrition, and one-to-one physiotherapy and osteopathy clinics seasonally. Employees use one login to book a world of wellness, and get automated reminders when their session’s about to start.

I really enjoy the variety of Urban sessions. They're a welcome opportunity to briefly reset and recharge. I find osteopathy and chair massage especially beneficial to my productivity, both in the short- and long-term”.

Calum, Sales Operations, Gumtree (an eBay subsidiary)

The best place to work.

Wellness is a moving target with budgets that aren’t always fixed. Urban’s one-stop approach has been a revelation for eBay when it comes to affordable and efficient billing.

Urban takes care of all vendor practicalities, from assuring quality to handling invoices. It’s freed up the eBay Facilities team to dream big with workplace wellness, to create an environment that attracts – and retains – the very best talent.

In a nutshell

Service used:

Chair massage, yoga, pilates, boxfit, mindfulness, nutrition, osteopathy, physiotherapy.

Time with Urban:

One year.


Three fitness classes a week, two chair massage sessions, plus seasonal workshops.

Office size:

650 people.

Employees love:

The variety of services; the ability to book Urban at home, too.

The facilities team loves:

How affordable and efficient Urban makes it to run a full-suite of wellness services.


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