When everyone in your workforce is taking part in wellness at work, you know you’ve nailed it.

How Urban helped MagicLab fall in love with wellness again


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Dating-focused social network MagicLab discovered the benefits of Urban when the London office made the switch in 2018, making workplace wellness for its 380 employees better, easier and more open overnight.

In fact, it proved to be a match made in heaven.

Before Urban

With some concerns about the quality of the classes, yoga sessions draw in one or two employees a week. Noticing the poor turnout, HR starts to wonder if yoga’s a good fit for MagicLab.

One hair stylist visits the MagicLab office every two weeks, but their range of styles is limited and employees’ cuts come out looking a little "generic". There’s dissatisfaction among staff, but without a structured way to feed back there’s no means to communicate that to the right people.

With Urban

Urban selects the perfect hairdresser and yoga teacher for MagicLab from its community of over 1500 practitioners. They handle all the logistics, freeing MagicLab’s team to get on with building the future of dating.

Our regular teacher has got to know us well, which isn’t typical from past experience. She’s great at helping us improve week on week.

Motivated by the hype around Urban-branded treatments – a name employees were already familiar with – company utilisation increases to 100%.

Most hairdressers are shut by the time I’ve finished work so it’s great to have the option in the office, especially as it’s free and they do a great job of cutting and styling my hair.

Urban’s one-step booking system makes booking straightforward for staff, and gives admin all the up-to-date info they need at a glance. Urban’s Customer Support is only an instant message away for any questions. Staff rate their experiences with an easy-to-use interface, which feeds responses straight back to admin. The response is overwhelmingly positive, and attendance stays consistently high.


Work absenteeism
Participation in workplace wellness
Service utilisation

In conjunction with other strategies MagicLab rolled out for wellbeing, between 2017-2018 they managed to reduce absenteeism by 25% for a happier, healthier workforce.

Participation in workplace wellness increased by 12%.


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