Urban delivers a wellness dream for Simba Sleep.

On a mission to change the way people think and feel about sleep, Simba Sleep champions a lot more than beautifully made mattresses and sleep tech. As an employer, they promote a workplace culture that puts wellbeing at the top of the list. And with the help of Urban’s chair massage service over the past two years, it’s stayed there.

The busy world of sleep.

For a business that revolves around sleep, life at Simba can move at a remarkably fast pace. That’s something that Simba’s dedicated People Team work hard to support by providing a holistic and varied wellness programme. Regular yoga classes, run clubs and social events get people in the office moving, while weekly lunches and nutritious snacks provide the fuel.

But in 2017, Simba realised something was missing. As the company grew, they wanted a way to reward employees regularly, while addressing absenteeism caused by musculoskeletal issues, headaches and illness. Chair massages from Urban – who Simba trusted as the leading provider – made perfect sense.

Rewarding with chair massage.

After a successful one-off session, which received universally positive feedback from staff, Simba were encouraged to book regular sessions. Chair massage now takes place twice a month at their busy HQ. The People Team remains delighted with the uptake.

Spaces fill up as soon as the booking email goes out, it’s amazing to see that engagement. Best of all, employees feel appreciated, and that’s a wonderful feeling to be able to pass on.

Anastasija Serste, HR advisor

The personal touch.

Urban’s easy booking interface makes it an easy programme to maintain. Staff manage their own appointments and receive reminders via their work calendars, while Urban practitioners simply set up, bringing all equipment needed with them.

Staff at Simba say it's the caliber of the therapists – who are all hand-selected by Urban – that takes the service to the next level. "There have been times I’ve had to miss my slot because of a meeting," says one employee. "But the lovely thing is that because the therapists know us, they’ll notice, and make an effort to fit you in later instead."

It’s as simple as that. Tech that works. Human heart. A dynamic Simba knows all about.

In a nutshell

Service used:

Chair massage

Time with Urban

Two years


Twice a month

Office size:

70 people

Employees love:

The friendly therapists who make sure no one misses their massage slot.

The experience team loves:

How popular chair massage is; how effortless it is to manage.


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