Here's how it works

Rewarding your employees is all about making them feel great, showing them they’re valued, and offering something a little different. Booking hair & make-up professionals to your office can tick all three boxes.

Christmas parties, award ceremonies and almost anything in between - there’s always a great opportunity to give your team the chance to book a hair and make-up session.

Urban's network experienced practitioners bring the professional salon experience directly to your office or venue, helping your team look and feel their absolute best.

Why It Works

  • Multi-functional

    Whether it’s a pre-party treat, or help crafting a look for a meeting, networking lunch or public speaking event, our team can help.

  • Convenient + quick

    Hair and makeup treatments can take as few as 20 minutes, but can bring about hours of happiness for your team.

  • Indulgent and relaxing

    Who doesn’t want to look and feel fantastic? This treatment is a great way to thank your team and boost their self-esteem.


We know budget is important so we tailor each package for every client to make sure the programme is not only an effective wellbeing solution or successful event but an affordable one too.

Prices quoted are discounted by frequency of booking. We do offer one-off trials to try us out at our standard rates with no obligation. Get in touch now for a bespoke quote for your office or event.

Event - Hair & Make-up styling

Hair & Makeup

4 hours
5 Stylists
55 x 20-minute hair & make-up appointments

Per event

Sample package.
for a bespoke quote

Office Party - Hair & Make-up

Hair & Make-up

3 hours
3 Stylists
18 x 30 minute hair & make-up appointments

Per Event

Sample package.
for a bespoke quote