Here's how it works

Modern office life can make it feel like there are a million tabs open in your brain. Now there’s a way to close them. Cultivate mindfulness and watch your team’s happiness and productivity levels soar.

Our completely customisable series of mindfulness workshops are designed for groups of any size ­– all you need is a meeting room.

The mindfulness experts on our platform use evidence-based approaches, perfectly balancing the theory of stress and distraction with practical tools like meditation.

We can cover all requirements from introduction sessions to long term plans. Practitioners will introduce techniques that have proven, sustainable benefits, tailoring the course to your needs all the way along.

Why It Works

  • Increases happiness

    Studies show that a distracted mind is an unhappy one.[1] Mindfulness rewires the brain to help your team focus - and feel - better.

  • Boosts compassion

    Better emotional intelligence means a team that communicates more effectively. It might not mean fewer fights over the office playlist, but they’ll be resolved faster.

  • Reduces stress

    Mindfulness calms the nervous system and improves brain function, making stress easier to handle.

  • Reduces absenteeism

    Mental health issues are the leading cause of sick leave in the UK, accounting for 70 million every year.[2] Healthier minds mean less time out of the office.

[1] Killingsworth, M., Gilbert, T. (2010). A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

[2] Mental Health Foundation,


We know budget is important, so we tailor each package for every client to make sure the programme is not only an effective wellbeing solution but an affordable one too.

We have a range of practitioners on our platform with different styles and content for each of their sessions. Please for a bespoke quote and further details.


From £350

dependant upon practitioner


From £350

dependant upon practitioner