Why workplace wellness?

And relax...

When your employees are happy, healthy and motivated, everyone benefits.

From fewer sick days, to spending less on healthcare costs, you can build a better team through a wellness plan that's right for them and right for your company.

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The percentage of corporate healthcare costs that are lifestyle-related (and therefore preventable!)


The decrease in medical costs for every pound spent on a wellness programme.


The average employer spend per employee in sickness absence costs due to back pain.

Bad backs, sore necks. Frazzled minds, bitten nails. Restless feet.

All are problems you'll find inside a modern urban workplace. And, all are problems that can be solved inside a modern Urban workplace, Whether that's in the office or at home.

Last year, musculoskeletal conditions cost UK companies over 30 million sick days. 15 million more were taken due to employee stress, anxiety and depression. Yet, for every pound spent on wellness programmes, medical costs for companies fall by approximately £3.27, and absenteeism costs drop by £2.73.

That's why we think our programme of tailored treatments is the perfect antidote to the stress, pressure and health issues caused by the working world. Yoga to calm body and mind. Massage to heal pain and tension. Manicures to make you feel polished on the inside as well as the outside.